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The Campus CEO Challenge

"Our education system produces employees-that’s why Campus CEO will create more millionaires!" -Robert Kiyosaki

Dr. Randal Pinkett's Campus CEO Challenge

Sponsored by Prudential Financial and PSE&G
In strategic partnership with Juice Tank

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Congratulations to the Winners of the
Campus CEO Challenge!!

General Winner:: AutisMind
Green Winner:: Free Fitness

Em[POWER] Energy Group


Name: Mariam Selevany

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Year in School: College-Junior
Status: Aspiring Young Entrepreneur
Name of Business: AutisMind
Business Type: General
Industry: Medical/Educational Products

Business Description:
AutisMind specializes in developing innovative products to help stimulate the minds of children with Autism. The premier product of AutisMind will be an innovative, educational, and therapeutic device, the T.O.I. The T.O.I. focuses on stimulating individualized senses in each autistic patient. The TOI system consists of a toy embedded with NFC technologies.

Additionally, AutisMind provides various RFID cards that contain NFC tags built into them. These cards will be used to track the progress of the autistic individual. Based on responses of the child, AutisMind's technologies will be able to evaluate the progress of the child based upon the responsiveness of the answer. What sets AutisMind apart is the extremely flexible TOI system, which can be adjusted to fit each child's specific need.

Started Business: December 2009

What makes you the most promising campus CEO?:
This venture was founded in 2010 and we have been working on it since then. In addition our qualified team of mentors and advisers has been providing us with a number of classes that guarantee us success in our venture (such as financial, management, and globalization college courses). The core team is all enrolled at NJIT and are members of its prestigious Albert Dorman Honors College. We are well on our way to climbing to the top as we have presented our company idea to a number of different competitions, and received awards/honorable mentions in some.

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Free Fitness
Abigail Grehlinger

School: Glassboro High School
Year in School: HS-Junior
Status: Aspiring Young Entrepreneur
Name of Business: Free Fitness
Business Type: Green
Industry: Health and Fitness

Business Description:
The concept of my business is to help people lead a healthy lifestyle in the most efficient way. Our fitness center is not only ecofriendly but also financially friendly. You can use our gym for no cost at all but you must earn it first. The machines power our gym's electricity, therefore when you work out you are not only powering yourself but the gym as well. The more power you generate the more money you save us, and in reward we will deduct the money you saved us off of your monthly bill. This makes our company unique because there is nowhere else where working out makes you money. Our target market is men and women ages 13 and up.
People of any background and occupation are welcome. Our services are intended for low-middle class people.

Started Business: December 2009

What makes you the most promising campus CEO?: My passion to have my own business didn't spark until I recently took an entrepreneurship class. However, once I was in the class, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I have had this idea and dream of having my own gym since I was a little girl. I am still in high school but I do maintain an A GPA. I'm also involved in many sports and very passionate about health and fitness. Being a 16 year old, my only job experience so far is as a U.S. Soccer Association Grade 8 Referee as well as a pool lifeguard.

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