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A Blog Posting for Trump University/NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice"

Monday, March 23 2009, 7:06 am Eastern

This week's task - The teams created product introductions for the new ACN Video Phone. A group of 500 ACN sales representatives watched the intros and picked the winner.

Who won? - Eighty-five percent of ACN's 500 sales reps voted for team KOTU's presentation. It was one of the biggest wins in Apprentice history! Brian McKnight, KOTU's Project Manager, received $20,000 to give to his charity, Youthville USA.

Who got fired? - Donald Trump fired Claudia Jordan, this week's Project Manager for Athena.

This week's episode taught survival skills that could save your neck in times of conflict. Let's take a closer look.

* * *

Lesson One: Remember Who Signs Your Paycheck!

Clint was frustrated. He is a major recording star, yet Brian took the role of solo singer for the product introduction - and he relegated Clint to the role of gofer. But Clint kept the big picture and said, "When you work for a boss, you have to subordinate yourself to that boss . . . and we are not in our own world, we are working for Donald Trump." There is a lot of wisdom in that.

So take the higher road. When you try too hard to protect your turf, you look small.

Lesson Two: Fight for Your Vision

Most of the men thought that Jesse was crazy to drive 50 miles to West Point to film a cadet who could serve as a spokesperson for the ACN Video Phone. But Jesse, in his quiet way, insisted. The result? A compelling presentation scored a huge win for KOTU.

So remember that sometimes, you have to go with your gut - no matter what other people say. If you give up too early, you give up on yourself.

Lesson Three: Fight Your Own Battles

When Claudia and Melissa Rivers were battling each other in the boardroom, Melissa turned to her mother Joan and said, "Mom, stand up for me!" And incredibly, Joan began to attack Claudia too.

If you want to succeed in business, you have to stand on your own. If you cannot fight your own battles, you're not ready to succeed.

Lesson Four: Grab the Big Message

The executives from ACN clearly told both teams that the most exciting product introduction would win. Yet only the men took that advice to the heights, by having R&B master Brian McKnight give a stirring performance that brought the sales representatives to their feet, cheering.

So don't be timid. When someone offers you the keys to success, grab them fast.

Lesson Five: Play Your Own Game

The day after Clint and Dennis had their big fight, Dennis appeared and wanted to be welcomed back onto the team. Brian, the Project Manager, had the courage to refuse. ("Dennis could be very useful, but Dennis would rather be in Dennis Land . . . I don't want him around.") And Brian went on to score a killer victory - one that might have eluded him if he had gotten drawn into playing Dennis's games.

So remember that leaders don't always try to make everybody feel good. Sometimes, they see the strategic value of playing the game by their own rules.

* * *

What will happen next week? With both Dennis and Melissa acting like loose cannons, both teams are in complete disarray. It will take strong leaders on both sides to bring them under control - but who will these leaders be? Next week, we may find out.

* * *

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