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A Blog Posting for Trump University/NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice"

Monday, March 30 2009, 7:12 am Eastern

This week's task - Each team managed five rooms at Loew's Regency Hotel in New York. The team that earned the highest rating for customer service would win the task.

Who won? - The women's team won, after getting a customer satisfaction rating of 91 out of 100. The men's team scored only 86 and lost. Tionne, the women's project manager, won $20,000 for her charity, Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia.

Who got fired? - Donald Trump fired Dennis Rodman, this week's Project Manager for KOTU.

This week's episode taught the value of rolling up your sleeves and tackling the toughest jobs. Let's take a closer look.

* * *

Lesson One: Prima Donnas Don't Come Out Ahead

Melissa and Khloe both objected to providing room service to guests. They said they were accustomed to ordering room service, not delivering it! But other contenders didn't balk at hard work. Brande, Tionne, Annie and Natalie all put on uniforms, made up beds and delivered food. On the men's side, Jesse, Herschel and Brian tackled the tough jobs too, while Dennis stood idly by.

Tough assignments let you show off your abilities and your great work ethic. There are no small jobs - only small workers.

Lesson Two: Challenging Jobs Make You Grow

Brian became the concierge for his team's hotel guests. Joan did the same on the women's side. Within minutes, they were both handling impossible demands from guests who wanted immediate reservations at New York's hottest restaurants, tickets to sold-out Broadway shows, and lots more. Yet both Joan and Brian (as well as other members of their teams) met or exceeded almost all the demands that their guests made. As Joan said, "This is actually rewarding ...I would be a great concierge."

So remember that the more you challenge yourself, the more you grow and discover your hidden abilities.

Lesson Three: Make Tough Demands on the People You Lead

When Dennis became project manager for the men this week, Mr. Trump said to him, "You are a smart guy, DON'T LET ME DOWN!" In previous weeks, Dennis had deserted his team, partied through the night and acted up in other ways. Yet Mr. Trump drew a line in the sand. He stated, in clear terms, that this was the "do or die" week for Dennis.

So remember that your job as a leader is not to make people feel good, but to challenge them with tough expectations. If people cannot meet your standards, they belong on someone else's team, not yours.

Lesson Four: Delegate and Deploy

With only minutes to go before their guests arrived, both teams were still cleaning rooms and preparing food for the rooms. Only the women remembered that someone had to be waiting at the front desk to greet arriving guests. The men forgot that detail. When their first guest arrived, there was no one at the front desk to greet him - and they lost points.

So remember to deploy your personnel to cover all tasks. Never drop the ball! Even under extreme pressure, cool-headed delegation wins the day.

Lesson Five: Use Systems to Manage the Small Stuff

Both teams did a bad job of managing room service. They mixed up orders, took an hour to deliver a bottle of Chablis - and worse. It was all because no one set up a system to track orders and monitor delivery. A checklist would have saved the day!

So remember that simple systems free your mind to focus on the big picture. In times of confusion, even a little organization saves the day!

* * *

What will happen next week? After admitting his drinking problem, Dennis is gone. It was one of the saddest Apprentice firings ever. With him gone, will the men reverse their losing ways and close the gap against the winning women? It's anybody's guess. But next week, we will find out.

* * *

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