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"My life has never been about traveling the road less traveled,
but rather, creating the road never traveled."
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Below you will find my latest announcements.

October 17, 2009

PatientOS Urges Trade Ministers to Encourage Adoption of Open Source Solutions at the Sixth Annual Consul Program for New Jersey Life Sciences

Branchburg, NJ (October 9, 2009) -- The Center for International Business & Education at Raritan Valley Community College hosted a unique event connecting consular officials from over 20 countries with business, education and government officials for collaboration and commerce.

One the speakers on the electronic medical records panel, Greg Caulton, a Principal at PatientOS Inc. urged trade ministers to leverage the PatientOS Open Source EMR solution. The majority of members from 20 different countries had heard of open source and understood the advantage local companies could have from leveraging an electronic health record free of licensing costs.

PatientOS Inc. principal Greg Caulton spoke of the events success. "I was thrilled to participate at this event. I spoke one on one at length with representatives spanning the globe, from the Mexican Trade Ministry, to the Consulate General of the Czech Republic. Our message is simple. We want international businesses, large and small to implement our software into their healthcare institutions without the burden of exorbitant licensing fees. We can provide the clinical analysts and software support services to ensure they are successful. By using PatientOS these countries can implement an advanced hospital system at a fraction of the cost of developing or purchasing an equivalent system".

Luncheon was served at the Trump National Country Club where acclaimed international speaker Camille Sailer and The Apprentice season four winner Randal Pinkett spoke at the event of the local entrepreneurial spirit and support systems New Jersey had to offer international businesses.

At the event Kwangsun Suh, a scientific director at Hackensack university medical center spoke of the complexities in gathering information from disparate electronic records, each serving specialists with unique needs. Each system written with software that is unable to communicate with the other. Greg Caulton spoke of how PatientOS can address this prevalent interoperability problem.

"PatientOS is unique in its capability to support significant differences in the user interface for all specialty clinics and users. Rather than writing code for each solution we provide a common data model and a common set of tools that allows analysts to configure the EMR to meet the needs of the clinicians," said Greg. "By putting control into the hands of the people gathering requirements the system is built quicker and with fewer errors. This coupled with a strong software architecture and our implementation of standards has positioned PatientOS to compete with commercial systems on both cost and quality."

About the Center for International Business & Education (CIBE) at Raritan Valley Community College

Founded in 1988, CIBE's mission is to serve the commercial and academic communities for their international needs on a global and local basis. Learn more about CIBE and the Annual Consul Program for New Jersey at

About PatientOS Inc.

PatientOS Inc. provides development and implementation services for hospitals, clinics and businesses who wish to tailor the Open Source PatientOS EMR to fit their specific workflow and system requirements. For more information about PatientOS, call 888.NBR.1EMR or visit The open source community can be found at

October 09, 2009

Call for Stories! Submit Your Life Story! DON’T WAKE UP:


Las Vegas, NV (October 9, 2009) -- Everyday people, extraordinary achievements – this is the premise of an amazing new book by world-renowned speakers, authors and businessmen Dr. Farrah Gray and Dr. Randal Pinkett. The book is set to recognize regular people who have reached their dreams.

“Don’t Wake Up: The Audacity of Dreaming – How Ordinary People Achieve Extraordinary Dreams” will be a stunning collection of stories and anecdotes surrounding the amazing accomplishments of people, who often, despite disparaging odds, reached their dreams. This includes accomplishments ranging from owning a business and becoming financially successful to making the world a better place by becoming an educator or social worker.

The authors of “Don’t Wake Up” are specifically looking for sharp, insightful and inspirational stories that highlight the dreamer’s unique perspective, principles, mantra and sage advice which can serve as universal pearls of wisdom for book readers seeking success and achievement in their personal and professional lives. Submissions should be 500-1200 words: Email: Danielle Jean Jacques,

About the Authors

Two Award Winning Entrepreneurs Best-Selling Authors and Renowned Speakers

At just 25, Dr. Farrah Gray is already a 19-year veteran of the business world. Raised in the impoverished south side of Chicago, Dr. Gray defied the odds and became a millionaire by age 14. He was the youngest person to have an office on Wall Street and the youngest to receive an honorary doctorate. Now, at 25, he is an inspiration to millions and an international bestselling author.

Dr. Gray has also been named as one of the CNN’s African-American First History Makers and as one of the 20 Modern Black History Makers in the 20th anniversary issue of "Upscale" magazine. He was also featured as one of the Dream Team Financial Experts for “O” (Oprah Winfrey's magazine) in the March 2008 issue. Dr. Gray can be reached via his web site at

Dr. Randal Pinkett Chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, has established himself as an entrepreneur, scholar, author and speaker. Currently, he is the founder, chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, a multimillion dollar consulting firm based in Newark, NJ, that specializes in information technology and organizational development. Dr. Pinkett holds five academic degrees from Rutgers, Oxford and MIT. He also made history as the first African-American ever to receive a Rhodes Scholarship at Rutgers University.

Dr. Pinkett has received numerous awards including the National Society of Black Engineers Entrepreneur of the Year Award, National Urban League Business Excellence Award and the Information Technology Senior Management Forum Beacon Award. He's been featured on televised programs such as “The Today Show,” “Live with Regis & Kelly,” “The Judge Hatchett Show,” “Nightline” and “Larry King Live.” He was also the winner of the fourth season of the hit reality television show, “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump.

He is the author of Campus CEO: The Student Entrepreneur’s Guide to Launching a Multimillion-Dollar Business, No-Money Down CEO: How to Start Your Dream Business with Little or No Cash. Dr. Pinkett can be reached via his web site


September 15, 2009

United Negro College Fund Invites Randal to Headline National Tour

2009-2010 UNCF HBCU Empower Me Tour with Randal Pinkett and Friends

Newark, NJ (September 15, 2009) -- Dr. Randal Pinkett, Chairman and CEO of BCT Partners will host the 2009-2010 UNCF HBCU Empower Me Tour, sponsored in part by Wachovia, FedEx and Amtrak. Dr. Pinkett will bring an expertise in scholarship, entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

Additional topics ranging from health, wellness and environment to service and philanthropy and financial literacy will also be the focus. The goal of the tour is to increase students’ awareness of key issues through a call-to-action platform, enhance self-image among young people, strengthen relations between students, campus leaders and community influencers, and provide aspiring as well as established entrepreneurs access to resources for business development.

The tour zone will feature morning workshops and evening main stage events with celebrity panelists and performances. A virtual tour will offer users backstage peeks at ongoing activities, in-depth interviews and performances.

Confirmed celebrity participants include Ledisi, Terrence Howard, Sheryl Underwood, AJ Calloway, Tatiyana Ali, LisaRaye McCoy, Shon Gables, Quddus, Angela and Vanessa Simmons, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Dee Marshall, Ludacris, David Banner, Ricky Minor, and Hill Harper on the virtual tour.

First stop: Delaware State University - October 13, 2009

Check website for additional locations, dates and details:


September 2, 2009

Randal Inks Publishing Deal with AMACOM Books

Newark, NJ (September 2, 2009) -- AMACOM Books, a division of American Management Association, will publish Black Faces in White Places: 10 Strategies for African Americans to Redefine the Game and Reshape America, authored by entrepreneur, speaker and author Dr. Randal Pinkett and business scholar Dr. Jeffrey Robinson with journalist Philana Patterson.

Black Faces in White Places is a 21st century guide for African Americans. According to the authors, the conventional strategies used by most African Americans over the past 40 years to climb the ladder are ineffective and outdated. In Black Faces in White Places, Pinkett and Robinson share new approaches for African Americans to navigate their way through today’s rapidly changing professional landscape.

Black Faces in White Places is scheduled for release in 2010.

For more information contact or visit

June 17, 2009

Randal Appears on TV One

Newark, NJ (June 17, 2009) -- The 2009 Ford HBCU Business Classic Competition will premiere Sunday, August 2, 2009 on TV One.

The “Ford HBCU Classic Special” will feature candid moments with the student teams as they prepare for the competition and highlights from each business plan presentation as well as the celebrity judges’ selection process to determine the 2009 winners. Dr. Randal Pinkett, Chairman & CEO of BCT Partners and author of The No-Money Down CEO was among the celebrity judges selecting the winners.

“This is my second year participating in the Ford HBCU Business Classic and the students continue to impress me with the level of professional dedication that they put into their business plans,” said Dr. Randal Pinkett. “They are presenting timely real-world solutions and business models for a number of industries, including real estate, automotive, manufacturing, technology and the environment. These finalists are poised to become the business leaders of tomorrow.”

The Ford HBCU Business Classic hosted by Kevin Frazier, TV anchor and entertainment correspondent, boasted finalists hailing from Florida A&M University, in Tallahassee, FL; Lincoln University in Chester County, PA; and Howard University in Washington, DC. Each presented their business plan to Ford and celebrity judges at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA, on April 17 and competed for $100,000 in scholarship prizes.

The first airing of the 2009 Ford HBCU Business Classic Competition premieres Sunday, August 2, 2009 on TV One, followed by 3 subsequent airings on the network at later dates. Students, alums, parents and business professionals can visit for additional airdates, local times and channel listings.

For more information on the 2009 Ford HBCU Business Classic competition, visit

June 17, 2009

Dr. Randal Pinkett Joins ITSMF

Newark, NJ (June 17, 2009) -- In April 2009, Dr. Randal Pinkett was officially accepted as a member of the Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) where he will continue to lend his expertise and knowledge in IT and other subject matters.

“I can personally attest to the phenomenal growth that [Dr. Pinkett] will experience as [he] interacts with members, protégés and our partners,” stated Zack Lemelle, ITSMF Chairperson.

This comes on the heels of the ITSMF Awards Gala, March 2009 in Irving, TX, which attracted approximately 500 corporate, government and association executives and guests. There, Dr. Randal Pinkett brought a keynote address entitled “Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Game-Changing Strategies for IT Executives and Entrepreneurs.” Pinkett outlined the game-changing strategies IT executives and companies need to succeed in IT today -- working across lines of difference; creating strategic partnerships between IT entities; and fostering mentoring relationships between IT corporations and minority IT firms.

Pinkett was honored with a Beacon Award for his extraordinary contributions to the advancement of information technology while demonstrating proactive leadership in advancing diversity.

Upon welcoming him as a new member, ITSMF commended Pinkett for his commitment to join them in “filling the executive pipeline for the next generation of IT professionals.”

Click here for more information on ITSMF.

June 5, 2009

Apprentice Winner Gives Advice to Small Companies

DENVER, CO (June 5,2009) -- After working for Donald Trump, Dr. Randal Pinkett has plenty of advice to give struggling companies-and Friday that's exactly what he's doing.

Pinkett is speaking at the Mountain Regional Black Economic Summit (MRBES), an all day event at the Colorado Convention Center.

The focus of this year's conference is how to thrive in any economy. Although the summit specifically addresses the needs of minority business owners, it offers a lot of great resources for all Colorado businesses.

While most people know Pinkett from his success on the Apprentice TV show, he is a successful business owner. He founded BCT Partners, a management, technology and policy consulting services firm, before appearing on the show.

Pinkett said it's important for businesses to get lean and mean during these tough times. "When you look at the marketplace you see large corporations combining, merging and acquiring. They're thinking about how they can pool their resources. This is a lesson to be learned."

He says little changes can make big differences.

"If you have an administrative assistant who is part time and they have an administrative assistant that is part time-how can we get creative so that person's job can be saved by working together," he explained.

When consulting companies, he encourages them to look for ways that they can save money by sharing employees, space or resources.

For more information about the MRBES, click here.

Written by Randy Barber at

May 9, 2009

Dr. Randal Pinkett to Participate in Rutgers Entrepreneurship Day

New Brunswick, NJ (May 9, 2009) -- Dr. Randal Pinkett will be a panelist at the Rutgers University Entrepreneurship Day on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at the Rutgers Student Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Dr. Pinkett joins other panelists in a discussion moderated by premier business magazine, Inc. Magazine. Dr. Pinkett among others on the panel will share key strategies on “Your Road to Success:” the start and growth of a business in these difficult economic times, and best practices in doing business online, marketing, raising capital, facing competition and personnel management.

In addition, Dr. Pinkett will host the Campus CEO Challenge Award Ceremony sponsored by Prudential Financial, recognizing the Grand Prize winner, runners up and finalists of the contest. Dr. Randal Pinkett’s Campus CEO Challenge is designed to support young and budding entrepreneurs from the high school,  undergraduate and graduate college sectors. Finalists submitted executive summaries of their original business ideas and were judged on their personal and professional qualifications, the originality and soundness of their ideas and the growth potential of their businesses. The Grand Prize winner receives a $5,000 cash prize, a copy of Dr. Pinkett’s book, Campus CEO: The Student Entrepreneur’s Guide to Launching a Multimillion-Dollar Company, his audio course, No Money-Down CEO: How to Start Your Dream Business with Little or No Cash, and a copy of Young, Gifted & Entrepreneurs: Success Stories from the Prudential Young Entrepreneur Program. The winner will also have a one-on-one business coaching session with Dr. Pinkett.

For more information or to register, visit

Panel Discussion Hosted by Inc. Magazine – 3:45-4:40 PM
Campus CEO Challenge Awards, sponsored by Prudential Financial – 4:40-5:00 PM

May 1, 2009

Dr. Randal Pinkett Breaks Into the Chinese Market With Campus CEO

Beijing, China (May 1st, 2009) -- Dr. Pinkett's best-selling book Campus CEO: The Student Entrepreneurs Guide to Launching a Multimillion-Dollar Business, will be published in mainland China by Beijing Xinhua Pioneer Culture and Media, a division of Xinhua Finance Media Ltd. (now known as Xinua Sports and Entertainment Unlimited).

Campus CEO shows students the steps to launching a profitable business, while simultaneously achieving academic success. The universal themes in Campus CEO touch all students regardless of their major, background or area of interest, and the book’s global message of entrepreneurship comes at a perfect time in the current world economy.

"I am thrilled to have my book, Campus CEO, recognized and reprinted in the Chinese market. China hosts over 16 million college students attending over 1000 colleges.Students who pick up a copy of Campus CEO will see that I teach universal lessons on how to turn their academic, professional and entrepreneurial dreams into reality."

For more information on Campus CEO: The Student Entrepreneur’s Guide to Launching a Multimillion-Dollar Business, visit

April 30, 2009

Grand Prize Winner of Dr. Randal Pinkett’s Campus CEO Challenge Announced

Newark, NJ (April 30,2009) -- On Thursday, April 30, 2009 at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in Newark, New Jersey, the Grand Prize winner of Dr. Randal Pinkett’s Campus CEO Challenge emerged. The contest, which included graduate and undergraduate students from the New Jersey area, is designed to discover the most promising student entrepreneur by judging each business plan on originality and soundness, growth potential and the qualifications of the applicant. Popular opinion was also taken into account.

At the Awards Luncheon, hosted in partnership with the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership (IFEL) and sponsored by Prudential Financial, Babatunde Busari, a college senior at NJIT, was announced the Grand Prize winner. According to Busari’s executive summary, “ is a global online design marketplace where individuals, companies, organizations or start-ups can launch a design project as a contest for a flat fee. Their design needs can include logo design, stationery design, graphic illustration, print design, web design and more; online…creative and talented graphics designers, web designers, artists from around the world can compete in real-time on the posted design contest within a set time period live on the website.”

Busari received the Grand Prize of $5,000 with which to launch and improve his business, a copy of Campus CEO: The Student Entrepreneur’s Guide to Launching a Multimillion-Dollar Business, as well as The No Money-Down CEO: How to Start Your Dream Business with Little or No Cash. He will also have a one-on-one Campus CEO coaching session with Dr. Pinkett.

April 16, 2009

Randal to be Celebrity Judge at Ford HBCU Business Classic Finals

ATLANTA, GA (April 16, 2009) -- The Ford Motor Company’s third annual business plan competition for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), announced the finalists for its “HBCU Business Classic.”

Five team finalists were chosen out of a national pool of worthy entries, selected by the Counselors to Americas Small Business (SCORE). Schools that will be represented at the competition include: Howard University in Washington, DC; Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL; and Lincoln University in Chester County, PA.

The finalists will be judged by a panel of well known celebrities and entrepreneurs who have expertise in both starting and maintaining new ventures. Dr. Randal Pinkett will be participating in this competition to determine a winner for a second time. Alongside of Dr. Pinkett, other judges include actor/entrepreneur, Boris Kodjoe as well as, author George Fraser of FraserNET and CEO of The Tribune, Pat Lottier.

The winners will be announced on April 17th at Clark Atlanta University. The competition will also air May 9th as a TV One special. The winning teams will be awarded over $100,000 in scholarship prize money including a portion being donated to the winning schools.

For the exact air date, local times and channel listings for TV One, visit

For more information about the Ford’s HBCU Business Classic, visit




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